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Wir haben für sie eine SUPER YAK mit 360 PS zur Verfügung, Rundflüge damit gibt es ab April. Natürlich auch als Geschenkgutscheine!

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VNE 246 Kts
70% Cruise 128 Kts
Stall 60 Kts
Wing span 9.3 Meters
Length 7.45 Meters
Aerobatic load factors +7g-5g
Max. T/O weight 1315 KGs
T/O run 170 Meters
Landing minimum 200 mters
Engine M14P (360 HP) or M14PF (400HP)

YAK 52

The YAK 52 military ab initio trainer designed by the world renowned A.S. Yakovlev Bureau, Moscow from the very successful aircraft series that preceded the YAK 52.

The aircraft is produced under licence by Aerostar SA. Bacau, Romania. Over 1700 have been produced to date starting with production in 1979. At the peak of production 150 aircraft were manufactured per year.

The aircraft provides excellent handling from basic training through to advanced aerobatic training with G Limits of +7 -5g with 2 crew.

The M14P engine of 360 HP is the world's most reliable radial engine and is produced by Aerostar at Bacau.

As standard equipment instrumentation includes 3 gyro's per panel with the instructor's position providing simulated instrumentation failure to the front cockpit for trainee purposes.

Navigation equipment includes ADF and 760 channel VHF communications.

The aircraft can be operated from hard runways or unimproved grass surfaces.

The services (retractable undercarriage, flaps, engine starting and brakes) are provided by pneumatic pressure, for reliability and light weight.

A/C electrical services are NATO standard, 24V.

Maintenance is easy and can be performed in the "field". The YAK 52 offers performance and ease of operation, second-to-none.

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